It’s Time to Share

There are many ways to listen to music today because accessibility is at an all time high. I believe all music professionals regardless of their specific industry should subscribe to premium music streaming services. We live in a difficult age for aspiring musicians and recording artists because their hard work and dedication has been desecrated and wholly devalued in the recent market.

There was a time where it was much simpler for the author and owners to control their property in the ways that they see fit, but those times have passed on and we find ourselves at the event horizon of the new way music is distributed to the masses. Online streaming is the way of the future and I am excited to see the development emerging applications. Functionality, quality control, and interactive perks as to further immerse fans should be the next mutation of the Digital Beast. It is a matter of moral responsibility in regard to professionals paying for streaming services for their research and development. We can find a way to balance the market and once again bring value to our musical works and other copyrighted material in association. The way it can be done is by leading by example and chipping in. It would be entirely hypocritical to pirate your music library if you are an artist who aspires to receive income from his or her own creations.

It is important for us all to help and give a little for the things that are increasingly taken for granted. We have the opportunity and obligation to shift the trend of emerging technology in entertainment into a fair and fun experience for every person involved. We can no longer take advantage of the artists that have put their lives on the line to make something that for many of us is the most beautiful form of art. There will always be those who try to get everything for free even if they can afford to contribute to the creator and to me that is the biggest tragedy. Let’s all man up and give our respects to the struggling artists of the world and make their creations have value again.


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