Section 1.

Hello my name is Blake Goransson.

The purpose of conducting a postmortem is to evaluate, asses, and when possible; discover solutions for balancing the need for both efficient and quality work on future projects.

A postmortem is the time to discuss with your team what all went right and properly address what went wrong along with what could have been done differently.

Section 2.

For the most part I feel like I achieved the goal of the game. I am very pleased with the timing of my Notifies attached to the character animations. On another note I had trouble figuring out how to properly implement the lift sounds on the map.

I feel like the quality of my work would have been greatly improved if I had the ability to work with UE4 at my home thus giving me the ability to trial my sound design and improve upon my sound assets. This would have given me more time to become more comfortable with working in the Engine. If I were to be given a similar assignment, I believe I would excel.

In regards to what went wrong, My music assets were a little too loud and I was not impressed with my slow down audio asset once in game.

Section 3.

I believed I achieved the general goal of the game. The Schedule was set realistically for completing the set goals of the project. One asset that I am not particularly pleased with is my platform rotation sounds. Once implemented it was clear that adjustments should be made to the source .WAV then reimplemented. On the contrary, I am really pleased with my rope climb and cart loop assets. I really enjoyed working with a group, It is very efficient as long as you communicate with members before, during, and after the process. The only problem I had is that we had to share a single computer while setting up our sound actor Hierarchy for implementation.


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