Revolver Entry

Revolver is quite a ground breaking album for the Beatles and was quite rebellious to the normality’s of the time. As the Beatles grew and experimented both musically and psychologically, they became much more interested in breaking the constraints that were fastened to music at the time and come up with something new and original. George marten could not have done a better job at helping the Beatles realize their dreams and potential and is often regarded as the 5th Beatle. His work with the Beatles in the studio surely solidified their claim to classic rock’n’roll fame. Using things such as compression on drums and the implementation of double tracking vocals gave the Beatles the edge over other artists. Today the Album “Revolver” is regarded by fans as the greatest Beatles album of all time. The album in now hewn into the stone of time as one of the most sensational records ever cut.  Revolver is proof that taking a risk to experiment with what one believes can sound good has the potential to shock the world! It’s unprecedented success is still evident today. The experimentation and risks they took to create this album have now become industry standard techniques world wide and have had a massive influence on the music industry. I find it truly fantastic how they captured the very essence of free will. I simply love the fact that the Beatles along with George Martin to the perceived box that everyone was living in at the time and did their best with great success to crack it wide open and make tangible certain elements that could only ever exist outside of the box of what was thought to be normal. The Beatles are a true god given gift to the world and Revolver is the Beatles at their very best!


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