Pet Sound

When ever go on vacation to the beach or to any tropical themed place, you can expect to hear The Beach Boys a good few times. Noted for their chilling out, surf rock, beach bum like attitudes, they are definitely a COOL band. I don’t think it’s possible to think of The Beach Boys without imagining things like station wagons, waxed boards, the sand at the beach, and a Beautiful sunset.  Brian Wilson plays a major role in the songwriting and is the driving force for the Beach Boys. He is one of the greatest vocal harmony arrangers of all time and surely the reason we can consider them a timeless band that is just as relevant now as they were just as their debut. One thing that can be clearly noted is the darker feel to pet sound compared to all previous releases. Brian took much of his inspiration for this album from the Beatles album called “Rubber Souls” and this certainly had it’s part in shaping the way Pet Sound was written and produced. It is also very incredible and note worthy the difference in sonic image quality once the album was reengineered for Stereo, being that it was originally recorded and Released in Mono. The songs have so much more life and texture that really was not getting the credit that it deserved on the original release. The Beach Boys are arguably the most influential american bands of all time and decades later they are just as popular as they were back then which proves just how much admiration Brian Wilson and the rest of the band truly deserve. The Beach Boys helped the United States in some of it’s darkest times and gave hope, joy, and inspiration to Millions of listeners not only coast to coast in America, but around the entire world.


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