Week 4: Post – TOPIC OF CHOICE

This week my Topic choice is the Producer called Joey Sturgis. Joey never attended school for music, but instead decided it was best for him to learn to solve his problems in his own way. His style of production has given him much deserved success and is credited as one of the most well known and respected Metalcore Producers. Joey has always been very involved with his projects and is credited with writing, arranging, mixing, and mastering. The fact that he is such a dynamic producer has attracted the attention of thousands of musicians and has inspired thousands more. Joey’s Musical and early production skills stem back from when he was a drummer for a grindcore band and kind of haphazardly began teaching himself the ways of recording through necessity. A friend of Joey and his band allowed them to go into an insulated room at night to learn how to record, which was certainly a blessing for they were struggling to find a way to make a demo on the cheap. Using Myspace, they put up their recordings and before long they were being flooded with the questions about where and who recorded them. The band would tell them that their drummer did it! Bands all around began to ask to record with him and from there out of a garage he began his career. Anybody who loves metalcore knows Joey as a house hold name today. Today Joey is flooded with business and hires other engineers to help him complete is work on time and runs four computer systems to allow for simultaneous production of different aspects of each album he works on. Joey has recorded artists ranging from “Emarosa”, “Emmure”, to even “Borgore”. If there is one thing that I know about Joey, it’s that his music always hits with a harder impact than an astroid!





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