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There are many ways to listen to music today because accessibility is at an all time high. I believe all music professionals regardless of their specific industry should subscribe to premium music streaming services. We live in a difficult age for aspiring musicians and recording artists because their hard work and dedication has been desecrated and wholly devalued in the recent market.

There was a time where it was much simpler for the author and owners to control their property in the ways that they see fit, but those times have passed on and we find ourselves at the event horizon of the new way music is distributed to the masses. Online streaming is the way of the future and I am excited to see the development emerging applications. Functionality, quality control, and interactive perks as to further immerse fans should be the next mutation of the Digital Beast. It is a matter of moral responsibility in regard to professionals paying for streaming services for their research and development. We can find a way to balance the market and once again bring value to our musical works and other copyrighted material in association. The way it can be done is by leading by example and chipping in. It would be entirely hypocritical to pirate your music library if you are an artist who aspires to receive income from his or her own creations.

It is important for us all to help and give a little for the things that are increasingly taken for granted. We have the opportunity and obligation to shift the trend of emerging technology in entertainment into a fair and fun experience for every person involved. We can no longer take advantage of the artists that have put their lives on the line to make something that for many of us is the most beautiful form of art. There will always be those who try to get everything for free even if they can afford to contribute to the creator and to me that is the biggest tragedy. Let’s all man up and give our respects to the struggling artists of the world and make their creations have value again.



Section 1.

Hello my name is Blake Goransson.

The purpose of conducting a postmortem is to evaluate, asses, and when possible; discover solutions for balancing the need for both efficient and quality work on future projects.

A postmortem is the time to discuss with your team what all went right and properly address what went wrong along with what could have been done differently.

Section 2.

For the most part I feel like I achieved the goal of the game. I am very pleased with the timing of my Notifies attached to the character animations. On another note I had trouble figuring out how to properly implement the lift sounds on the map.

I feel like the quality of my work would have been greatly improved if I had the ability to work with UE4 at my home thus giving me the ability to trial my sound design and improve upon my sound assets. This would have given me more time to become more comfortable with working in the Engine. If I were to be given a similar assignment, I believe I would excel.

In regards to what went wrong, My music assets were a little too loud and I was not impressed with my slow down audio asset once in game.

Section 3.

I believed I achieved the general goal of the game. The Schedule was set realistically for completing the set goals of the project. One asset that I am not particularly pleased with is my platform rotation sounds. Once implemented it was clear that adjustments should be made to the source .WAV then reimplemented. On the contrary, I am really pleased with my rope climb and cart loop assets. I really enjoyed working with a group, It is very efficient as long as you communicate with members before, during, and after the process. The only problem I had is that we had to share a single computer while setting up our sound actor Hierarchy for implementation.

Pet Sound

When ever go on vacation to the beach or to any tropical themed place, you can expect to hear The Beach Boys a good few times. Noted for their chilling out, surf rock, beach bum like attitudes, they are definitely a COOL band. I don’t think it’s possible to think of The Beach Boys without imagining things like station wagons, waxed boards, the sand at the beach, and a Beautiful sunset.  Brian Wilson plays a major role in the songwriting and is the driving force for the Beach Boys. He is one of the greatest vocal harmony arrangers of all time and surely the reason we can consider them a timeless band that is just as relevant now as they were just as their debut. One thing that can be clearly noted is the darker feel to pet sound compared to all previous releases. Brian took much of his inspiration for this album from the Beatles album called “Rubber Souls” and this certainly had it’s part in shaping the way Pet Sound was written and produced. It is also very incredible and note worthy the difference in sonic image quality once the album was reengineered for Stereo, being that it was originally recorded and Released in Mono. The songs have so much more life and texture that really was not getting the credit that it deserved on the original release. The Beach Boys are arguably the most influential american bands of all time and decades later they are just as popular as they were back then which proves just how much admiration Brian Wilson and the rest of the band truly deserve. The Beach Boys helped the United States in some of it’s darkest times and gave hope, joy, and inspiration to Millions of listeners not only coast to coast in America, but around the entire world.

Revolver Entry

Revolver is quite a ground breaking album for the Beatles and was quite rebellious to the normality’s of the time. As the Beatles grew and experimented both musically and psychologically, they became much more interested in breaking the constraints that were fastened to music at the time and come up with something new and original. George marten could not have done a better job at helping the Beatles realize their dreams and potential and is often regarded as the 5th Beatle. His work with the Beatles in the studio surely solidified their claim to classic rock’n’roll fame. Using things such as compression on drums and the implementation of double tracking vocals gave the Beatles the edge over other artists. Today the Album “Revolver” is regarded by fans as the greatest Beatles album of all time. The album in now hewn into the stone of time as one of the most sensational records ever cut.  Revolver is proof that taking a risk to experiment with what one believes can sound good has the potential to shock the world! It’s unprecedented success is still evident today. The experimentation and risks they took to create this album have now become industry standard techniques world wide and have had a massive influence on the music industry. I find it truly fantastic how they captured the very essence of free will. I simply love the fact that the Beatles along with George Martin to the perceived box that everyone was living in at the time and did their best with great success to crack it wide open and make tangible certain elements that could only ever exist outside of the box of what was thought to be normal. The Beatles are a true god given gift to the world and Revolver is the Beatles at their very best!

Welcome Post

Hello, My name is Blake Goransson and I love heavy metal, but you will come to find that a really like all music. My primary focus in the industry to to create hard hitting headbangers that leave your hairs standing on end. I don’t really watch Television or movies very often because i’m perfectly happy with my headphones and the fact that much like books, music leaves space for the imagination. I believe that imagination is the most important attribute of mankind and I want to do my best to inspire others to use the head on their shoulders and think outside the box!

Week 4: Peer Comment


Nirvana is a staple rock music and have certainly gained immortality. It’s so incredibly sad to think about how Nirvana met it’s demise and Kurt will never be forgotten, but you are very correct how the soul that they had is retained to this day in the works of Butch and Dave. They have brought much honor and their careers pay ever deserved homage to their dearly departed friend. Kurt may be gone, but the family that was built around Nirvana lives on! One randomly awesome fun fact about Dave Grohl is that he was born in the same hospital as I was in Warren Ohio!

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